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Kitt's Grave

Early-attested site in the Parish of Bower Chalke

Historical Forms

  • chetolesbeorge 955 BCS917 13th
  • Chytelheved 1281,1289 Ass
  • Chettelhead 1618 WMxxiii


Kitt's Grave (6″), where Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset meet, is on the site of chetolesbeorge 955 (13th) BCS 917. The reference is to the barrow here. Close at hand on the other side of the county boundary is Chettle Head Copse (6″), deriving from cheotoles heafde in the same charter, later Chytelheved 1281, 1289Ass , Chettelhead 1618 WM xxiii. We probably have to do with a personal name Ceotol .