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Banner Rigg

Early-attested site in the Parish of Windermere

Historical Forms

  • Bannerrigge 1677 CWix,54
  • Bannerig(ge) 1694,1702 Will 1770 Young
  • Banerhowe 1256 Ass69


Banner Rigg, Bannerrigge 1677 CW ix, 54, Bannerig (ge )1694, 1702 Will, 1770 Young 178, cf. also in the same locality Banerhowe 1256 Ass 69. The first el. in these names and Banner Riggs (i, 90supra ) could be a byname from ON  *bannari 'challenger' (as in Banner Rock (IoM), cf. Marstrander 156) or a ME  byname baneur 'standard- bearer' (ModE  Banner ), but the late name John Bell's Banner (ii, 226infra ), which denotes a lofty peak east of Kirkstone Pass, suggests that in these hill-names we may have ME  (OFr ) baner 'standard, banner, flag', used of a land mark, v. hrycg , haugr .

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