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Early-attested site in the Parish of Windermere


Cringlemire, 1839TA , v. kringla 'circle', mýrr ; the significance of this and similar compounds with words for 'marsh' (like Cringle mire i, 188 supra , ii, 41 infra , etc., Cringle Carr YN 73, Cringlemire YW vii, 216, etc.) is not obvious. The same compound ON  kringlu -mýrr occurs as a p.n. in Iceland (Franzen, LaxdON 95); Rygh (NGIndl 62) takes kringla to denote 'something round', 'a ring-shaped piece of ground' (cf. NGIndl 62, Franzen, LaxdON 50).The Cringlemires probably denote circular patches of marshy ground which it was necessary to circumvent or small circular pits which subsequently became boggy (cf. Natan Lindquist, Studier i nordisk filologi xxxix (1949), 62 ff). In Cringle Wall (ii, 30infra )kringla probably described a circular diked enclosure.

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