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Early-attested site in the Parish of Bampton

Historical Forms

  • Carholand 1420 CWxxi,180
  • Carehullend 1540 DRH 1547 MinAcct
  • Carehullan 1540 MinAcct
  • Carehullen 1777 M
  • Carhullan 1617,1653 FF 1865 OS
  • Carhullon 1658 PR
  • Charhullen 1698 ib


Carhullan [ka:rˈulən], Carholand 1420 CW xxi, 180, Carehullend 1540DRH , 1547MinAcct , Carehullan 1540MinAcct , Carehullen 1777 M, Carhullan 1617, 1653FF et freq to 1865 OS, Carhullon 1658 PR, Charhullen 1698 ib. In view of the Care - spellings, the first el. is unlikely to be ON  kjarr (ME  ker ) 'marsh'; it is probably Welsh  caer 'fort' (Ekwall, ScandsCelts 115) or OE  carr 'rock', Gael  carr 'rocky ledge'; it may refer to the stone circle at Towtop Kirk (infra ), which is 400 yards to the south-east across Cawdale Beck. The second el. is uncertain, but Ekwall (l.c . ) thought it might possibly be an older p.n. Hōland ; a byname from ON  *hollandr 'helper' (recorded only in the plur. hollendr ) would hardly explain the hull - spellings in the p.n.