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Major Settlement in the Parish of Treeton

Historical Forms

  • Ollei(e) 1086 DB
  • Ullay, Ulley 13 YDxii,100 1285 KI 1297 LS 1303 Aid 1316 Vill 1527 WillY
  • Ulley or Brampton Ulley 1822 Langd
  • Ulflay 1242 Fees


The spelling Ulflay 1242 Fees cited by Moorman and Ekwall probably refers to Woolley 287infra . The very persistent Ulley spellings suggest that this p.n. is simply 'owl forest-glade', v. ūle , lēah , with early shortening in the compound. Names which contain OE  wulf 'wolf' (ON  úlfr) normally retain evidence of -f - for several centuries (as in Woolley 286, Wooldale ii, 253, Ulleskelf pt. iv infra , etc.).