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Deightonby Fields

Early-attested site in the Parish of Thurnscoe

Historical Forms

  • Dictenbi 1086 DB
  • Distinby l.12 Nost29
  • Little Deightonby 1844 TA409


Deightonby Fields (local), Dictenbi 1086 DB, Distinby l. 12Nost 29, Little Deightonby 1844TA 409. This name is no doubt a late OE  Dīctūn - 'farmstead belonging to or at a place called Dīctūn ', the latter being the common p.n. Deighton 'farmstead with a ditch', v. dīc , tūn , . The history and forms of Deightonby find a close parallel in Dinsdale YN 279 from an OE  Dīctūnes -halh . A similar addition of to a p.n. occurs in the lost Cuthworthesby 'farm belonging to Cudworth' (cf. 282infra ).