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Early-attested site in the Parish of Thorne

Historical Forms

  • Brademars 1138–47 YChviii
  • Brademare c.1147 BM 1215–40 YChviii
  • Brademere 1241 Lib
  • Braymere 1302 Pat
  • Brathemer', aqua de Bradmere 1483 MinAcct


Bradmere (lost), Brademars 1138–47 YCh viii, Brademare c. 1147 BM, 1215–40 YCh viii, Brademere 1241 Lib (a stew), Braymere 1302 Pat, Brathemer ', aqua de Bradmere 1483MinAcct 77. 'Broad poor', v. brād , mere . The variant spellings -mar (s ) are probably ON and AN , and Bray - shows influence of ON  breiðr. The place was a marerius or 'pool, stew' of the Earl of Warren (c. 1147 BM).