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Early-attested site in the Parish of Sawley

Historical Forms

  • haia de Bo(u)lton 13 Sawl35d 1270 ib
  • haya de Bouhilton c.1274 Puds
  • Haygh l.15 ib
  • Hagh 1381 Whit
  • (the) Haigh(e) 1607 PRBlt 1654 WillS
  • Nether Hage house, lower-Hage house 1617,1654 PRBlt
  • Heage 1629 ib
  • lower Hague 1693 ib


Hague, haia de Bo (u )lton 13Sawl 35d, 1270 ib 53d, haya de Bouhilton c. 1274 Puds, Haygh l. 15 ib, Hagh 1381 Whit 53, (the ) Haigh (e )1607 PRBlt, 1654 WillS, Nether Hage house , lower -Hage house 1617, 1654 PRBlt, Heage 1629 ib, lower Hague 1693 ib. v. haga 'enclosure' (Lat  haia from (ge)hæg). The enclosure would seem to be the almost detached part of Sawley north of Rodhill Gate (grid 95–7748); Bolton Peel 185infra at its north-east corner is clearly a reference to the palisade which formed the enclosure.