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Major Settlement in the Parish of Hooton Pagnell

Historical Forms

  • Bileham, Bilha', Bilam, Bilan 1086 DB
  • Bilaham 1109–40 YChvi
  • Biloham 1135–40 YChvi Steph Pat 1464
  • Bileham, Byleham c.1150 Nost24 a.1218 YChviii 1260 FF 1312 BWr
  • Bilam(a) 13 Nost10d 1216,1237 Pont 1240 BM
  • Billeham 1221 Cur 1285 KI
  • Bilham 1243 Fees 1259 Ass 1297 LS 1597 SessnR
  • Billam 1303 KF 1590 PRFrick


'Bil(l)a's homestead', v. hām . An OE  pers.n. Bil (l )a is not on independent record, but it seems to enter into many p.ns. (cf. Ekwall, DEPN 40–1), such as Bilbrough pt. iv, Bilton pt. iv, pt. v infra ; cf. also Billingley 94infra , some 3 miles away. It would be a weak form of OE  Bil (Redin 4) or a shortened form of some such OE  pers.n. as Bilfrið or Bilheard .