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High Levels, Low Levels

Early-attested site in the Parish of Hatfield

Historical Forms

  • ye, the Levil(l) 1629 Hnt 1649 WillY 1656 PRSn
  • The Levell 1649 WillS
  • the Levell of Hatfeild Chase 1675 Comm52
  • the Levels 1680 Pryme
  • High Levels, Low Levels 1771 M


High Levels, Low Levels, y e, the Levil (l )1629 Hnt, 1649 WillY, 1656 PRSn, The Levell 1649 WillS, the Levell of Hatfeild Chase 1675Comm 52, the Levels 1680 Pryme, High Levels , Low Levels 1771 M. The name refers to a tract of level ground in Hatfield Chase north of Hatfield Moors; it had been reclaimed by the Dutchman Cornelius Vermuijden (Comm 52, m. 4). ME  livel 'level', used from the seventeenth century of 'a large expanse of level country'.