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Major Settlement in the Parish of Braithwell

Historical Forms

  • Bramelei(a), Bramele, Bramelia, Brameley(e), Bramelay 1086 DB 1188–1205 YChviii l.12 Lewes302 1218 FF 1254–68 Bodl35 1297 LS 1318 YDxii,115
  • Bramlei, Bramley, Bramlay 1196–1201 YChviii 1199 Ch 1232 Lewes294 13 Ebor 1247 KF 1303 FF 1596
  • Bromley 1543 FF


'Forest clearing or glade overgrown with broom', v. brōm , lēah .This is a common type of p.n. corresponding to Bromley in the south. The first el. here, as well as in Brampton 106, Branton 40, Bramham pt. iv, Bramley 165, etc., and Bramhope pt. iv, is almost invariably Bram (e )- from the time of DB. This is to be explained by an early shortening of brōm - to brŏm - in the p.n. compounds, and then, since OE  short -ŏ - before a nasal normally appears as -a - in the north (as in man for monn ), brŏm - appears as brăm - by a corresponding replacement of -o - by -a - in these p.ns. (cf. Phonol. § 29). The late ME  brame from which these names have sometimes been derived is probably a later loanword from LG (cf. EPN i, 47, 52).