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Early-attested site in the Parish of Braithwell

Historical Forms

  • Mikelebrinc, Mykelebrinc l.12 Lewes301 1206 Cur
  • Mikelbrinc(k), Mykelbrinc(k), Miclebrinc(k), Mikelbrink 13 Lewes295 1200–10 YChviii 1202–8 Ass
  • Mikelbrynk 1375 YDxvi,89
  • Mykilbrincke 1577 YDiii
  • Mickilbring(e), Mykelbring(e), Mic(k)lebring(e), Mickilbryng 13 1219 Ass1b 1586 WillY 1612 FF
  • Mikkilbryng 1394 Brett
  • Mekilbring 1488 Ipm
  • Mekelbrinke 1534 YDi


'The great slope', v. micel (mikill), brink . Goodall aptly describes the hamlet as being “built at the point where a tableland passes in a long and gradual descent towards the river Don”.