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Wybersey Hill

Early-attested site in the Parish of Bolton by Bowland

Historical Forms

  • Wibereshou, Wibereshow 13,Hy3 Sawl43,44
  • Wyberishow Ed1 ib
  • Wybershou, Wybershow(e) c.1229,Hy3,1302 Puds
  • Wyburhushou c.1274 ib
  • Wibbersaw 1718 ib


Wybersey Hill, Wibereshou , Wibereshow 13, Hy 3Sawl 43, 44, Wyberishow Ed 1 ib 37d, Wybershou , Wybershow (e )c. 1229, Hy 3, 1302 Puds, Wyburhushou c. 1274 ib, Wibbersaw 1718 ib. 'Wiber's hill', v. haugr ; the pers.n. is shortened from OE  Wīgbeorht or Wīgbeorn .