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Bow Laithe

Early-attested site in the Parish of Bolton by Bowland

Historical Forms

  • Bohke c.1224 Sawl46d
  • Bohe c.1250 Puds
  • Bouh Ed1 Sawl37d
  • Bogh 1306 Puds
  • the Bowe 1578 WillY 1616 PRBlt
  • the great bowe next Rible 1659 Puds
  • the Bowe Laythe 1638 WillY
  • Bow leath 1651,1662 PRBlt
  • Bow laith 1693 ib


Bow Laithe, Bohke c. 1224Sawl 46d, Bohe c. 1250 Puds, Bouh Ed 1Sawl 37d, Bogh 1306 Puds, the Bowe 1578 WillY, 1616 PRBlt, 'the great bowe next Rible ' 1659 Puds, the Bowe Laythe 1638 WillY, Bow leath 1651, 1662 PRBlt, Bow laith 1693 ib. v. boga 'a bow, bend', referring to a bend in the course of the R. Ribble below 'the barn' (v. hlaða ).