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Bolton Peel

Early-attested site in the Parish of Bolton by Bowland

Historical Forms

  • the hede of pele l.15 Puds
  • the Pele 1577 WillY
  • the peile 1603 PRBlt
  • Peele 1577,1588 WillY
  • Peele house 1588 WillY
  • the Peel farm 1691 Puds


Bolton Peel, the hede of pele l. 15 Puds, the Pele 1577 WillY, the peile 1603 PRBlt. v. pēl 'a palisade, an enclosure made with a palisade'; the palisade was clearly the one which enclosed Hague 183supra , as Bolton Peel house stands on one corner of the old enclosure.It is the source of the local family name Peele (1577, 1588 WillY), from which Peele house 1588 WillY and the Peel farm 1691 Puds were named.