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Major Settlement in the Parish of Arksey

Historical Forms

  • Archesei(a) 1086 DB
  • Arkesia 1184 P
  • Arkese, Arkesei(a), Arkesey(e), Arkesay 13 YDi 1230 P 1246 Ass33 1250 Ebor 1276 RH 1597 SessnR
  • Arkeshey 1300 Ebor
  • Arksay, Arksey 1347 FF 1525 Testvi 1822 Langd
  • Arkessey 1428 Pat
  • Arxsey 1588 FF


The first el. is certainly paralleled by that of Arkesden Ess 516 (Arches - DB, Arkes -, etc.). A single fourteenth century spelling of the latter, Harkelesheldane , has suggested the first el. to be the pers.n. Arkel (from ON  Arnketill ). Arkstone He 7, similarly from Archelestune , is reduced to Arkeston by the fourteenth century, but it is by no means so old and consistent a reduction as in Arksey and Arkesden; Barnthorpe 81 infra , however, displays equally effective reduction. The second el. of Arksey is OE  ēg 'an island, land partly surrounded by water, a piece of dry ground in a marsh'.