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Early-attested site in the Parish of Warwick St Mary

Historical Forms

  • Levenhull 1245 Deed 13th ADii 1288 Ass 1656 Dugdale 1740 J
  • Levenhul late13th ADii
  • Lethenhull t.Hy3 Warwick 1474 MinAcct
  • Lethenhill 1525 Rental
  • Lethenhyll 16th ib
  • Lethinhulle 1537 ib
  • Lethenhyllfyld 16th ib


This may be 'Lēofa 's hill,' with not uncommon confusion between the sounds of v and th . “This place, lying neer to the last (i.e. Stokehull infra ), hath no habitation now thereon” (Dugdale 372). For the site v. Linen Street supra 261.