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Major Settlement in the Parish of Warwick St Mary and St Nicholas

Historical Forms

  • (in) Wærinc wicum 1001 KCD705
  • (on) Wærincwican 1016 KCD724 18th
  • Wærinc wic c.1050 ASC s.a.915
  • (æt) Wæring wicum c.1050 ASC s.a.914
  • (into) Wærincg wican 11th BCS157
  • Warvic 1086 DB
  • Warwic ib. et passim, with variant spellings Warwye, Warwyk, Warwik
  • Warwick 1268 Ipm 1409 ADv
  • Guarewic t.Hy1 Kenilworth
  • Warrewych t.Hy2 Ch 1318
  • Wærewic c.1150 FW
  • Warewiche 1173,1181,1190 P
  • Warewike 13th ADii
  • Warrewic(k) t.Rici Ch 1261
  • Warrywic(k) 1207 Cur c.1286 ADii
  • Warrewyk 1304 ADiii 1344,1486 Ipm


Professor Ekwall suggests that the first element is OE  wering , 'dam,' which would be an extension of wer , 'weir,' rather than a derivative of OE  werian , 'to defend' as suggested in BTs. v. Hence 'wic (pl.) or dwellings by the weir.'

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