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Early-attested site in the Parish of Snitterfield

Historical Forms

  • la Morwehay 1368 Warwick 1461 Pat
  • le Morghey 1438 Ct
  • Morowehaye 1544 MinAcct


Marraway is la Morwehay 1368Warwick , 1461 Pat, le Morghey 1438Ct , Morowehaye 1544MinAcct . This is probably a compound of OE  morgen-giefu , 'morning gift,' i.e. the gift given the morning after marriage by the husband to the wife, and (ge)hæg, 'enclosure,' etc. Cf. Morrif infra 354. For the early shortening of the triple compound cf. Moor Fm (PN Ess 276).