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Major Settlement in the Parish of Rugby

Historical Forms

  • Rocheberie 1086 DB
  • Rochebi t.Hy2 BM
  • Rokebi t.Hy2 AD 1627 PCC
  • Roukeby 1373 IpmR
  • Rukby 1484 ADiv
  • Ruckeby 1533,1606 FF
  • Rookebie 1579 ib
  • Rugby 1525 LP
  • Rokeby al. Rugby 1563 FF
  • Rugbye al. Ruckbye t.Eliz ChancP
  • Roughbie al. Rokebye, Roughby al. Rocby 1557 Recov
  • Rughbie 1580 FF
  • Rukeby al. Rugby 1563 FF


This name probably goes back to an OE  Hrocan byrig , 'Hroca 's burh,' or (less likely) hroca byrig , 'burh of the rooks,' the second element being altered to by through Scand influence.Cf. Rokeby (PN NRY 301). See further Introd. xxii. The form Rokeby survived in the name Rokeby Fields on the Tithe Award Map.

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