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Early-attested site in the Parish of Polesworth

Historical Forms

  • Doudenhale 1242 Pat 1398
  • Dodenhole 13th Monast
  • Dodenhale 1285 Ass 1290 Cl 1332 SR 1397 IpmR
  • Dodnale 1454 FF
  • Dodenhall 1636 Deed
  • Bodnalls c.1840 TA


Bodnells (local) is Doudenhale 1242 (1398) Pat, Dodenhole 13th Monast, Dodenhale 1285Ass , 1290 Cl, 1332 SR (p), 1397 IpmR, Dodnale 1454FF , Dodenhall 1636Deed , Bodnalls c. 1840TA .The second element in this name is healh. The first is uncertain.It is clearly a pers. name but its precise form depends upon the stress which can be laid upon the ou of the first form. This points to the OE  pers. name Dūda , with long u . Cf. Sweet OET 637.