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Bardon Hill

Early-attested site in the Parish of Old Stratford

Historical Forms

  • balgandun 704–9 BCS123 c.1000
  • Baudenhill 1269 Deed
  • Bawdonhill peece 1634 ib
  • Baudon 1773 Survey
  • Baudon hill 1797 EnclA
  • Bordon Hill 1850 White


Bardon Hill is balgandun 704–9 (c. 1000) BCS 123, Baudenhill 1269Deed , Bawdonhill peece 1634 ib., Baudon 1773Survey , Baudon hill 1797EnclA , Bordon Hill 1850 White. The first element in this name is clearly the OE  bealg , ME  balʒ , 'rounded,' discussed in PN Sr 34s. n. Balham, and in PNNRY 26 s. n. Boscar and probably found also in BerridgeFm (PN K 365). The second element is dun . Bardon Hill is a low rounded hill to the west of Shottery. It is clear that the present-day spelling is a quite recent corruption.

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