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Major Settlement in the Parish of Minworth

Historical Forms

  • Meneworde 1086 DB
  • Menworth c.1650 FeeFarmRents
  • Munewrth t.Hy2 BM
  • Muneworth 1327,1332 SR
  • Munnewrth c.1194 Wollaton
  • Munneworth(e) 1301 BirmDeed 1315,1318 Ass 1346 Cl 1354 FF
  • Monneworth 1288 DeedsEnrolled
  • Munworth 1380 Cl
  • Monewurth 1230 P
  • Minnewurth 1232 Ass
  • Mineworth 1316 FA 1418 ADiv
  • Mynworth 1372 ADiii 1455 BM
  • Mynneworth 1419 FF


This is a difficult name and no certainty is possible with regard to it. The first element in worth -names is generally a pers. name, but no OE  name Myn (n )a such as might give rise to the later forms is on record. Names in Muni - are occasionally found on the Continent such as uncompounded Muni and compounded Muniperht , Munidrud , Munifrid , Munigund . The significant word myne , 'mind, love,' is common in OE  poetry and it may be that from this stem was formed a name Mynne or Mynna .If so, this name means 'Mynna 's enclosure.' Cf. Dugdale (681), “The later syllable signifying an habitation or dwelling, and the former showing of whom, though a name now out of use.”

Places in the same Parish

Early-attested site