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Major Settlement in the Parish of Loxley

Historical Forms

  • Locsetena gemære 985 KCD651 11th
  • Lockeslea, Loccheslega 11th Heming
  • Locheshā, Locheslei 1086 DB
  • Lochamweia 1249 Madox
  • Lochesle t.Hy1 Kenilworth 1428 FA
  • Lokele 1196 Cur 1232 FF
  • Lockley 1542 LP
  • Loxley 1535 VE


'Locc 's clearing or wood,' v. leah . Cf. Loxley (PN St 98), Loxbeare (PN D 540) and Loxley (PN Sr 236). The first form occurs in the bounds of Alveston and Tiddington and shows the OE  gemære , 'boundary,' added, as usual in such cases, to the first element of the place-name compounded with sæte , 'inhabitants.' Cf. s. n. Broadwas, PN Wo 103–4.

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