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Chesford Bridge

Early-attested site in the Parish of Leek Wootton

Historical Forms

  • pont. de Chesford 1279 Nott
  • pont. de Chefforde 1285 Ass
  • Chestford 1291 CartMisc
  • pons de Chestford, de ponte de Chesterford 1370 Works
  • Chesfordbrugge 1427 ADi


Chesford Bridge is pont. de Chesford 1279Nott , pont. de Chefforde 1285Ass , Chestford 1291CartMisc , pons de Chestford , de ponte de Chesterford 1370 Works, Chesfordbrugge 1427 AD i.The first element is probably OE  ceast , ME  cheste , 'strife, contention, quarrelling.' The right to use the ford may have been the occasion of some forgotten quarrel. The single Chester - form is probably an error due to the influence of the common element ceaster.

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