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Leamington Spa

Major Settlement in the Parish of Leamington Spa

Historical Forms

  • Lamintone 1086 DB t.Hy1 Kenilworth t.Hy2 Pat 1478
  • Lamuntona ib.
  • Lamminton 1170 Ch 1314
  • Lementona t.Hy1 Kenilworth
  • Leminton(a) 1198,1232 Fees 1279 Nott
  • Lemynton juxta Warrewicium 1316 FA
  • Lemynton Prioris 1325 ADiv 1416 ADiii
  • Lemyngton Priors 1535 VE


'Farm on the river Leam,' v. tun . Priors because granted to Kenilworth Priory t. Henry 1 (Dugdale 294) and to distinguish it from Leamington Hastings supra 139. Dugdale (loc. cit .) mentions “a spring of Salt-water (not above a stones-throw from the river Leame ) whereof the inhabitants make much use for seasoning of meat.” The title 'Royal Leamington Spa' was granted after a visit of Queen Victoria in 1838.

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