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Alcocks Arbour

Early-attested site in the Parish of Haselor

Historical Forms

  • Alcokes Arbour 1480 WaDeed
  • Auckocks Arbor 1637 Coughton


Alcocks Arbour (6″) is Alcokes Arbour 1480WaDeed , Auckocks Arbor 1637Coughton . In the former document one John Alcok is mentioned from whose family the Arbour probably took its name. Dugdale (619) thus describes it, “southwards from Haselor is a coppice wood, and in it a notable Hill, which is of such a steep and equall ascent from every side, as if it had been artificially made…and by the common people called Alcocks Arbour . Towards the foot whereof is a hole, now almost filled up, being the entrance into a Cave, as the Inhabitants report: of which Cave there is an old wives story, that passes for current, that one Alcock , a great Robber used to lodge there.”

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