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Ingon Grange

Early-attested site in the Parish of Hampton Lucy

Historical Forms

  • Ingin 704–9 BCS122 17th
  • Inge 1199 FF 1208 Fees 1262 FF 1725 B
  • Hynge 1232 Ass
  • Inggene juxta Stratford 1315 Ass
  • Hyngene 1353 ib
  • Yngen 1348 Pat
  • Yngham 1535 VE
  • Yngton 1549 Pat
  • Ington al. Ingen 1553 DeedsEnrolled
  • Ingon al. Ington 1563 Recov


The forms of this name are difficult. One might be inclined to reject the first form because of the lateness of the cartulary, but the formulas of the Charter are old and such archaisms as Coenred and Ædilheard are preserved in the names of the signatories. There is therefore a strong presumption that the form Ingin is correct; the later Ing (g )en would be a natural weakening of it and the development of forms in Inge can be explained as due to the influence of such names as Lyndon supra 71 where we get regular fluctuation between dat. sg. linde and dat. pl. linden . Its ultimate etymology is obscure.