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Fenny Compton

Major Settlement in the Parish of Fenny Compton

Historical Forms

  • Contone 1086 DB
  • Cumton 1173 P
  • Cumpton 1235 Fees
  • Fennicumpton(e) 1221 FF 1535 VE
  • Venny Cumpton 1317 FF
  • Fenycompton 1496 Pat 1544 LP
  • Veny Compton 1594 Recov 1601 FF
  • Fanny Compton 1795 Recov
  • Combehembroc (1246 FF)


'Farm in the valley,' v. cumb , tun . The north part of the parish is all below 400 feet, and receiving as it does the drainage from the hills to the south, would be likely to be 'fenny.' For venny , v. Introd. xxvi. Traces of the use of Cumbhæme as the name of the inhabitants of Fenny Compton are found in the name Combehembroc (1246 FF) for a brook in the neighbouring parish of Famborough, the same which is called Wilmhemebroc infra 276.

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