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Cutshill Fm

Early-attested site in the Parish of Claverdon

Historical Forms

  • Curdeshale 1190 Deed 13th ADi 1317 Ass
  • Curdeshall 1272 ib
  • Curteshal' c.1200 ReadingB
  • Curdesehal' 13th ADi
  • Cruddeshal(e) 1235 Deed 1297 HMCxApp6 1335 FF 1344 Ass
  • Crudeshal(e) 1252 RowRec 1262 Ass 1327 SR
  • Crodeshale t.Ed2 CartMisc
  • Crudsales in Rowington 1492 RowRec
  • Curdesall 1608 LRMB


This is 'the nook or corner (v. healh ) of a man named Crud (OE ) or Crudde (ME).' For such an OE name v. Critchet (PN Sr 213). Wallenberg (PN K 534) now accepts the possibility of such a name for Curlswood (K) and gives interesting ME  examples of a pers. name Crudde .