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Thelsford Priory

Early-attested site in the Parish of Charlecote

Historical Forms

  • Theulisford c.1205 BM 1240 ADii
  • Theveleford 1227 Pat
  • Theulesford 1298 ADi 1327 SR 1337 Pat
  • Tevelesford 1361 ADi
  • Teflesford 1221 FF c.1279 ADi 1330 Monast
  • Tefelisford early13th CartMisc
  • Tivelesford 1247 Ass
  • Telesford 1279 Nott 1332 SR
  • Tellesford 1473 ADi
  • Thelisford 1498 PCC
  • Thellysford 1510 ADiii
  • Thellesford t.Hy8 Rental
  • Thelesford 1535 VE
  • Thellesford al. Thellsford 1543 LP


This is a difficult name. It is tempting to try to connect the first element with OE  þȳfel , 'clump, bush,' but that would in ME  give forms Thuvel -, Thivel - rather than Thevel -, quite apart from the difficulty of a genitival compound of that type. More probably we have a pers. name of nickname type, a diminutive of the common word þēof , 'thief.' For a similar derivative with a different diminutive suffix cf. OE  þeofecan hyl (BCS 1237) in Worcestershire and OGer  Thiebiko (Förstemann PN 1409). See also PN Wo 247 n. 1 on DB Teulesberge .

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