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Baddesley Ensor

Major Settlement in the Parish of Baddesley Ensor

Historical Forms

  • Bedeslei 1086 DB
  • Badeslega 1169 P
  • Badesley Sauvage 1232 Ass
  • Baddeslei t.Hy3 Ipm
  • Baddisle 1285 ib
  • Baddesley juxta Miryval 1306 FF
  • Baddesley Endes(h)ouer(e) 1327,1332 SR
  • Baddesley Endesore 1380 FF
  • Baddesley Dynsore 1434 ib
  • Badsley Endsor 1656 Dugdale
  • Badgely Endsor 1698 FF
  • Savage in 1235–6 (Fees)
  • Edneshoure in 1260 (Dugdale 806–7)


'Bæd (d )i 's clearing or wood,' v. leah . For this pers. name cf. the history of Badsey (PN Wo 261). The manor was held by the wife of Geoffrey Savage in 1235–6 (Fees) from whom it passed by marriage to Thomas de Edneshoure in 1260 (Dugdale 806–7). This family took its name from Edensor (Db). As Baddesley Clinton and Ensor are many miles apart, the two places must have been named independently. Similarly North and South Baddesley (Ha) are some miles apart.

In Englische Studien (lxx, 62) an attempt is made to associate Badsey (Wo) and the neighbouring Bæddeswellan (BCS 1282), badeswelle (BCS 125) with a hypothetical bæd , 'bed, valley, hollow.' No such word is on record and the fact that in all the names which it is suggested may contain it, it is found as the first element and in the genitive case, is entirely in favour of a pers. name. We may note further that the suggestion of a significant element is inconsistent with the topography of the Baddesleys. Baddesley Ensor is on the top of a well-marked hill, the church of Baddesley Clinton is on a hill just by the highest point in the neighbourhood. North Baddesley (Ha) is on comparatively low ground but the church is just by the highest point in the neighbourhood. South Baddesley (Ha) church is on the edge of a hill just above the 50-ft. contour with the ground falling rapidly away to the sea. What fits the Baddesleys will not fit Badsey or bæddeswellan , if the first element is topographical.The suggestion of an OE  pers. name Bæddi of the nickname type, perhaps related to OE  bæddel , 'effeminate fellow,' alone fits the facts of the case.

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