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Early-attested site in the Parish of Atherstone on Stour

Historical Forms

  • Alnodestone 1086 DB 1138 StPGl 13th
  • Elmundestone 1095 15th ib
  • Aylnatheston 1247 SR
  • Aylnaston 1285 Ass
  • Alueston 1279 Nott
  • Ayl(e)ston 1307 Ass 1365 FF
  • Ayliston 1489 KnowleG
  • Eilyston 1504 ib
  • Ayldston, Alston al. Aylston 1649 FF


The earliest forms suggest an original Æþelnōþes tūn , 'Æþelnōþ 's farm,' but it is clear that there has been confusion with other OE  pers. names such as Æþelmund and Æþelmǣr .

Places in the same Parish

Major Settlement