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Roswell Pits

Early-attested site in the Parish of Ely Trinity Detached


Roswell Pits (6″). Cf. Roueshil 1221ElyA , Roueshil cum Stanpettes et Cleypettes 1251ElyCouch , 1277Ely , Roweshill 13thElyE , grauellpittes in Roushyll 1381Wren , Rossell 1548 CHuAS v, Rossehill 1604Atkyns , Rosshall 1674 Fen, Roslyn or Roswell Hill c. 1825 O.S., Roswell Hill pits 1830 BedL. The first element is probably a contraction of a personal name, either OE  Hrōþwulf or Norman Rolf . Cf. Rousham (O), DBRowesham , c. 1200 Bodl Rodolvesham and Rowsham (PN Bk 89–90).