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Major Settlement in the Parish of Funtington

Historical Forms

  • Fundintune 12th Bello
  • Funtigton, Funtington, Funtynton, Funtiton, Funtyton 1252 Ch
  • Fontyngton, Fontington 1288 Ass 1332 SR
  • Funtyngdon 1389 IpmR
  • Fantiton 1428 FA
  • Fountyngton 1509 LP


One might interpret this as from OE  funtingatūn , 'tunof the dwellers by the funta or spring,' but there are three objections to this interpretation which make one hesitate. The first is the absence of any forms which suggest OE  ingatun rather than ingtun . The second is the Fund - form in the earliest record, the third and perhaps the most important is the existence of a p.n. Funtewade in West Wittering (1380LibP ) not far off, in which the first element can hardly be a significant word. More evidence is needed, before any certain suggestion can be offered.