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Ashling, East and West

Early-attested site in the Parish of Funtington

Historical Forms

  • Estlinges 1185,1190,1193 P
  • Estaslingge 1287 Ct
  • Ashlyng, Westaslyng 1288 Ass
  • Aslinge 1316 FA
  • Estasshelyng 1322 FF
  • Westasshlyng 1332 SR
  • Eslynge 1296 SR
  • Estesshlings 1306 Abbr


Probably the 'settlement of the people of Æscel ,' v. ing and PN in -ing 55. The name is not on record but would be a regular diminutive of OE  Æsc . Cf. Ashelworth (Gl), DBEsceleuuorde .