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Early-attested site in the Parish of Thorpe

Historical Forms

  • Nippenhale 675 BCS 13th Chertsey c.1220
  • Nypenhale 1346 ChertseyReg
  • Nipnold 1605 LRMB


Nipnose (local) is Nippenhale 675 (13th) BCS 34, c. 1220 Chertsey, Nypenhale 1346ChertseyReg , Nypnall 1525, Nypnowle 1579, Knipp Knowles 1701 Turner, Nipnold 1605LRMB . Nið - names in OE are rare, but well established. An OE  Nið -beorht might have pet-forms Nibba , Nippa , so perhaps 'Nippa 's nook of land,' v. healh .

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