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Parley Fm

Early-attested site in the Parish of Horsell

Historical Forms

  • per leage 956 BCS955 c.1250
  • Parlegh t.Hy3 For
  • Parley 1548 LRMB
  • Parlingeford 1229 ADiii
  • Pirleyefurd, Purleiefurd 1377 WAM
  • Parleyforde 1615 Onslow
  • Pirleye 1377 WAM
  • Perlyesbrok 1474 Onslow
  • Perlesbroke 1504 WAM


'Pear clearing,' v. leah , the first element being OE  peru , 'pear.' The same name is found in Parley (PN Do 103).Parlingeford is an interesting type of name. It is clearly descriptive of the ford which is now crossed by Parley Bridge and represents an OE  perlēaginga -ford , 'ford of the men of Parley.'Cf. Caterfield infra 333 and v. Introd. xxi.