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Mainstone Gate, Hill and Bottom

Early-attested site in the Parish of Chobham

Historical Forms

  • stondinde stone 675 BCS 13th
  • Standing stone 1609 LRMB
  • Standing Stone Hill 1805 O.S.


Mainstone Gate, Hill and Bottom. Cf. le Maynston 1369For , Maidstone 1605LRMB . The first element is probably OE  mægen , 'strength,' as suggested for Mainstone (PN D 228), the compound having the sense 'mighty stone.' Not far distant from here was a spot called Standing Stone, stondinde stone 675 (13th) BCS 34, Standing stone 1609LRMB , Standing Stone Hill 1805 O.S. This stone was at the junction of Chobham, Pirbright and Frimley. Mr Henry Curtis, in a paper very kindly communicated to us, notes that the Standing Stone was a block of iron-stone, marked Stone Pillar , due south of Peat Moor Pond (1816 O.S.).The Mainstone was a still larger stone on the north side of the Basingstoke Canal, near the site of the gun used in old days for testing gunpowder from Chilworth Powder Mills.