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Fellow Green

Early-attested site in the Parish of Chobham

Historical Forms

  • Felelegh 1279 Ass
  • Fellogh (sic) 1332 SR
  • Fellegh 1330 ChertseyReg 1461 Chertsey
  • Velly greene 1605 LRMB 1684 Musters
  • Velley Green 1675 Musters
  • Felly Green 1749 B
  • Fellow Green 1765 R.


Fellow Green is Felelegh 1279Ass , Fellogh (sic)1332 SR, Fellegh 1330ChertseyReg , 1461 Chertsey (all p), Velly greene 1605LRMB , 1684 Musters, Velley Green 1675 Musters, Felly Green 1749 B, Fellow Green 1765 R. There is very little to go upon here. On the analogy of such names as Yardley, Stockley, Staveley (Ekwall, Studies 95 ff.), Mounterley (PN Nth 160), Rossley in Dowdeswell (Gl)Rosteley 1333 Ipm, from OE  hrōst , 'beam, roost,' and Runtley infra 159, it may be suggested that the first element in this name is OE  felg , 'felly,' hence 'wood where fellies are cut,' v. leah and cf. Velhurst infra 224. It should be noted, however, that in Fellmoor's infra 145 we have a compound of an element fele which could not thus be explained.