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Early-attested site in the Parish of Woore


The first element may be *cuttel 'artificial water-channel', which has been noted with myln in several counties. It must be noted, however, that interchange of -t - and -d - has not been recorded elsewhere in this element, and it is rare in other names with -tel -. Titlington Nb is Tedlintona 1123–8, Titlingtona 1154–81 (DEPN). Bridlington ERY 100–2 is a clear instance, in which the interchange makes it difficult to decide between original -d - and -t -. Another possibility is a diminutive, *Cudel , of the personal name Cuda .

The position on the Gravenhunger/Dorrington township boundary places the ford near Pool Hall, in an area where there are a number of canalised water-courses.