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The Sydnall

Early-attested site in the Parish of Sutton Upon Tern

Historical Forms

  • Sydenhale e.14th SBL4543
  • Sidenhale 1315 SBL5449
  • Syddenhall 1529 SBL5441 1627 SBL5698
  • Sydenhall 1548 SBL4544
  • Sydnall' 1547–8 SBL5094
  • Sydnall or Sydenhall Farm 1825 SBL5647


v. sīd 'wide, spacious' and halh : this is a recurrent p.n. compound. It is not obvious which of the numerous senses of halh is the relevant one in this case. The reference could be to a shallow bowl of land, as in Shifnal (Part 1).

Many of the later shortened forms have als Syd (d )enhall /or Sydenhall added: the name is Sydnall or Sydenhall Farm 1825SBL 5647 .