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Buntingsdale Hall

Early-attested site in the Parish of Sutton Upon Tern

Historical Forms

  • Bontanesdale 1291–2 Ass
  • Buntanesd' 14th SBL9892
  • Buttanysdole 1416 Fine
  • Buntyngsdale 1517 SRO
  • Buntingsdale 1680 SBL4243
  • Buntingsdale Hall 1833 OS
  • Buntinsdale 1776 SBL4259


Perhaps a ME  name, from dale 'valley' and a surname. Bontan -, Buntan - does not look like the reflex of an OE word or personal name.The surname Bunting , believed to be from the bird-name and recorded from the 12th century (VEPN), has modern variants such as Bunton , Buntain , but without evidence it would be rash to postulate such forms as ME  alternatives to Bunting .

The Hall overlooks the valley of the R. Tern. Buntingsdale Mill is mentioned 1758SBL 4248 and Buntinsdale Mills 1776SBL 4259 .