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High Hatton

Major Settlement in the Parish of Stanton upon Hine Heath

Historical Forms

  • Hetune 1086 DB
  • Hatton' 1242 Fees
  • Hatton 1255 RH 1332 Ch
  • Heghe Hatton' 1291-2 Ass
  • Hatton upon Hyneheth 1300 Ipm
  • Heghehatton sur Hyneheth 1333 HAC
  • Hatton Hineheath 1655 SAS1/XLVII 1672 HTR
  • Hatton Hine Heath als. High Hatton 1692 SBL5704
  • Atton' Onhyneheth' 1291-2 Ass


High Hatton is 2½ miles N.W. of Cold Hatton, and the affixes are probably intended to distinguish the two settlements from each other. There is no significant difference in elevation, so 'high' probably means 'more important'. Hine Heath is discussed under Stanton upon Hine Heath.

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