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Early-attested site in the Parish of Stanton upon Hine Heath

Historical Forms

  • Suthbeche 1291–2 Ass
  • Southbece, Southbache 1339 HAC
  • Southbeche, Southbache 1339 SRO322/137
  • Sowbech 1366 SRO322/189
  • Sow(e)bache 1389 TA
  • Sowbach' 1539–40 RentSur
  • Sowbach 1654,92 SBL
  • Sowbatch 1695 Morden
  • Sobath 1661 SBL6516
  • Sowbath 1698,1720 SBL6518,6517 1773 PR(L) 1833 OS
  • Sowbich 1729 PR(L)


'South stream-valley', v. sūð , bæce . There is a small gully a short distance north of the farm, and the 1833 OS map shows a tiny stream running down this to R. Roden. The stream does not appear on later maps. TAMap has fields called Far Beech , Middle Beech and Near Beech , Beech Croft and Beech Meadow where the stream shown on 1833 OS enters the Roden, and these probably preserve the second element of the name. For Beach or Beech as a reflex of bæce v. Part 225–6, 161.

There is a longer gully through which a stream runs through Stanton village to the Roden, and the Sowbatch feature is 'south' in relation to that.

The late substitution of -bath may be due partly to the insignificance of the little stream-valley, and partly to the comparative rarity of bæce ns. in the north of the county. This is the present form of the name, though Gazetteer gives Sowbatch.