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Early-attested site in the Parish of Rushbury

Historical Forms

  • La Lak' 1255–6 Ass
  • Lake 1295–6,71–2 Ass
  • La Lake (p), Lacu (p), Lak' 1261–2 ForProc
  • Laken 1301 SAC
  • Lake House 1833 OS


OE  lacu 'small stream', frequently used in place-names for a side- channel of a river, occasionally for a drainage channel. This last is the likely sense here. The 6″ map shows clearly that the stretch of Lakehouse Brook between the hamlet and Eastwall has been canalised, presumably for drainage reasons.

Lacon in Wem (Part 1) derives from the dative plural of lacu, and this may lie behind the form from 1301 SAC.