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Major Settlement in the Parish of Prees

Historical Forms

  • Mitteleg' 1241–9 Lil
  • Mitteleye 1327 SR
  • Mittonley 1308 Ipm
  • Mittomleye Ed3 SBL5924
  • Mutteleye 1327 SR
  • Mittley 1655 SAS1/XLVII 1672 HTR
  • Mitley 1765 SBL4264
  • Mickley 1833 OS 1843 TA


An etymology 'wood or clearing at a junction of streams', from (ge)mȳðe and lēah, would be sustainable on topographical grounds. Two forms suggest that the first element was dative plural. Mickley is between Bailey Brook and another tributary of the R. Tern, and there is a junction of these and several other streams with the Tern about 1½ miles downstream. Mickley could have been on the N. edge of a wood through which these streams flowed.