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Aychley Fm

Early-attested site in the Parish of Prees

Historical Forms

  • Amcheleg 1241–9 Lil
  • Acheleg c.1243 Lil
  • Acheley 1655 SAS1/XLVII
  • Achesleye 1327 SR
  • Aytchley 1766 PR(L)
  • Ocheley (Common) 1843 TA


lēah may be 'wood' rather than 'clearing'. The first element might be an adjective ǣcen 'growing with oaks', as suggested in DEPN for Eachwick Nth but since 'oak wood' is so frequently Oakley, from āc , such a variant seems unlikely. A personal name *Ǣca would suit. The 1241–9 form can be considered erroneous.