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Newton on the Hill

Major Settlement in the Parish of Myddle

Historical Forms

  • Neutone 1194–5 SAC
  • Neuton' 1255–6 Ass
  • Newton 1499 Ipm 1577 Saxton
  • Neuton sup' Le Hull 1436 SRO322/245
  • Newton one the Hill 1601 PR(L)
  • Newton Supra Montem 1615 ib
  • Newton of ye Hill 1639 ib
  • Newton on ye Hill 1672 HTR
  • Neventon c.1217 SAC
  • Neweton 1350 SBL3656


'New settlement', OE  nīwantūne . This is probably the commonest of all English settlement-names, v. CDEPN 436–9. There are about a dozen instances in Sa.