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Early-attested site in the Parish of Myddle

Historical Forms

  • Le Hulston 1447–8 SBL2482
  • Hulston 1470–1,77,78,82 SBL115,182,97,116 1575etseqto1624 PR(L)
  • Houlston 1547 PR(L)
  • Hoolston 1729 ib
  • Houlson 1603 PR(L)
  • Houston 1629 PR(L)
  • Howston 1635 ib
  • Housan 1632 PR(L)
  • Hooson 1672 HTR


If the final element is tūn no suggestion can be offered for the qualifier. If it is stān this could be a compound with *hugol 'small hill, mound', found in Howle, Part 1161. There are no hills, but a mound would be conspicuous in this low-lying area.

Houleston on 1833 OS corresponds to Houlston Manor on modern maps, and the above GR is for this site. The 1999 Explorer map gives the name Houlston to a farm ½ mile N. which is Lower Houlston Farm on 1961 1″. The 1900 6″ map has Houlston for this site and Houlston Farm for the Manor.